Clean Energy for Tourism (#CE4T) – First use of optimization algorithms

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by Oxana Schmidt

The aim of the CE4T project is to support Salzburg’s ski resorts on their way to decarbonisation by, among other things, identifying flexible loads in ski resorts and deploying them optimally according to network load, electricity market and CO₂ emissions.

In July 2020, the pumps were used for the first time in the Schmittenhöhe ski area to fill the storage pond of the snow-making system according to an algorithm developed in the project. This means that the actual values of the pumps are monitored, and flexibilities are released by the ski resort. The algorithm developed by the AIT then determines the optimum use of the pumps, the required amount of electricity is traded on the energy markets by Salzburg AG and then used to operate the pumps in the ski resort. A milestone accomplished for the project team with Stefanie Kritzer (Salzburg AG), Helfried Brunner (AIT), Hannes Passegger (World Direct) and Pascal Liedke (Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies).