Energy Systems Lab

The Energy Systems Lab is located at the Chair of Energy Network Technology at Montanuniversität Leoben and aims to be a demonstration, innovation and education center for industrial energy systems.

The laboratory is based on an innovative Power System Hardware in the Loop (PSHIL) approach, where new generation and consumption technologies as well as flexible elements (storage, DSM technologies, etc.) are combined to form an integrated system.

The Energy Systems Lab provides a comprehensive Power System Hardware in the Loop (PSHIL) testbed, consisting of multi-energy system technology simulators that can be combined to create an actual and/or simulated (industrial) energy system.

For example, these following multi-energy testing systems are available:

  • Electrical grid simulators
  • Heat pumps
  • Demand Side Management technologies
  • Power2Heat-system


Moreover, a computer-based system (SCADA) enables data-recording, control and monitoring of all interacting components.

This holistic approach allows to analyze and optimize existing energy system technologies, and to investigate and develop optimal technology integration methods for energy systems and multi-energy carrier design techniques. This enables the creation of a realistic representation of a multi-energy system (MES) that incorporates non-existent hardware components as near real-time simulation models and integrates external generators and consumers (e.g. industry, electromobility, etc.) via connections to PSHIL-compatible communication devices.

MES combines energy production, distribution and storage, and allows to connect various energy carriers. In this way, an optimal energy production, storage and consumption can be ensured. It supports the utilization of energy flexibility and efficiency, which consequently helps to save resources and to reduce emissions.

Target Customers

We speak to

  • energy-consuming or producing companies
  • scientific institutes
  • political decision-makers
  • private individuals



  1. Our multi-energy laboratory environment aims to support the optimization of energy system integration strategies and the investigation and optimization of (multi-)energy systems.
  2. PSHIL allows the support to develop, validate and optimize (multi-)energy systems, while implementing new generation and consumption technologies as well as flexible elements and more innovative solutions. It enables to control complex interactions of implemented and new system components.
  3. The laboratory environment provides access to gain further knowledge about innovative energy technology solutions.

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