The NEFI_Lab innovation laboratory provides the platform for successful cooperation between Austrian industry, renowned research institutions and the general public in order to implement research projects within the NEFI_Lab innovation process.

NEFI_Lab is under the direction of the Chair of Energy Network Technology at the University of Leoben. The partners AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the Energy Saving Association of Upper Austria and the Upper Austrian Business Location Agency contribute many years of experience in the internationalisation of innovative energy technologies. NEFI_Lab is supported by the federal states of Upper Austria and Styria, among others.

In the NEFI_Lab innovation process, challenges for the decarbonisation of the industrial energy system are identified and solutions are developed.
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Within the framework of NEFI_Lab, a concept of a physical laboratory infrastructure was implemented, which shall serve the development of technologies and the promotion of cross-sectoral cooperation, while being available to all consortium members of the NEFI Innovation Network.
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With the help of technology-resolved analyses, the NEFI_Lab decarbonisation scenarios provide impulses for where in the Austrian industrial landscape projects should be placed and what strategies and measures could be taken for the decarbonisation of the industrial energy system.
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Participation & Awareness

To achieve the ambitious NEFI goals, NEFI_Lab integrates all relevant stakeholders into the innovation process. Representatives from industry, politics, education and research work together on projects and at the same time benefit from the gained insights and successes on this path. Defined frameworks such as Open Cycles, Living Labs as well as other formats for open exchange between all stakeholders and NEFI provide the platform for establishing contacts, discussing ideas for achieving climate goals in the industrial sector and implementing project plans.

Technology & Innovation Policies

The NEFI_Lab is a link between industry, science and politic, NEFI_Lab supports the design and further development of the regulatory framework and the corresponding funding programs by collecting and processing inputs and information from all accompanied stakeholders.